At Manito Presbyterian Church, we look to be a missional community. We see ourselves as sent by God to do God's work and to proclaim the coming of God's kingdom within the world. We acknowledge and affirm that ministry often happens in seemingly insignificant places, within the context of everyday lives and relationships.

We are focused on cultivating right relationship with one another and with God. Relationships are difficult, but we understand that we are called to live into them openly, creatively, and faithfully.

We are an intergenerational church. It is our hope and our task that people of all ages will be included and celebrated at Manito Presbyterian Church and that relationships between young and old will be explored and fostered within our congregation.

We emphasize that we are a connected congregation. We are committed to sharing, dialogue, and friendship within our neighborhood and community, as well as with other congregations worshiping in Spokane and throughout the Inland Northwest.