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Book Study on Fields of Blood

Sundays at 9:00 AM
April 7, May 5, & June 2

We are constantly bombarded by soundbites and tweets from pundits and politicians blaming violence on other religions. Here is an opportunity to move beyond the surface and take a deep dive through an award winning book by Karen Armstrong.

Daily Prayer

Pray the Presbyterian Yearbook of Prayer daily
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We welcome all into participation in the life of our community of faith regardless of age, gender, race, or ability. We believe in the importance of freedom of conscience believing that we are called into relationship together because of the work of Jesus Christ and not because we are all in the same place mentally, physically, socially, or religiously.

Just as a family is held together through commitment to one another despite individual differences, covenantal membership holds us together as Manito Presbyterian Church. We joyfully and energetically encourage one another to enter into the covenant of membership with one another so that our community continues to form around shared commitment, empathy, trust and Christian love. In addition to the historic questions associated with church membership centered on faith in Jesus Christ, members of Manito Presbyterian Church also participate in a communication covenant so that we can listen, learn, love, and support one another through differences of perspectives and seasons of faith development.

The path to covenantal membership begins by exploring your interest with one of the pastors. Membership is required for baptisms (child and adult), weddings, and election by the congregation to leadership positions (elder and deacon). Simply email with interest or questions.